Fusewelder Torch

admin อ, 01/26/2016 - 16:32


The Fusewelder® Torch is a special oxy-acetylene torch which preheats the base metal, sprays powdered alloy and fuses deposits to the workpiece all with one integrated unit.


Benefits & Usage:

• Protects critical parts against wear
• Repairs cast iron and most ferrous metals • Restores undersized parts

Superior Results with Easy, Trouble-Free Operation:


Precision control – plunger-type valve assembly provides instant powder flow shut-off.


Durability – sturdy metal hoppers and heavy-duty copper tips with wear-resistant inserts.


Versatility – spraying small, narrow areas and even overhead work is possible.


Powders - Wall Colmonoy’s Fusewelder® Powders are designed for use in the Fusewelder® Torch.
It may also be used to apply Wall Colmonoy’s SpraywelderTM powders and Nicrobraz® high- temperature brazing filler metal powders.


Easy Maintenance – entire torch is easily disassembled for quick clean-up and maintenance.


Safety - supplied with built-in flash-back arrestors and reverse flow check valves.


Flexibility - Four models are available with differ- ent powder spray capacities for fine detail work or larger components.